Lighting near water features or under water can be found frequently in Dubai. Just think of recreational facilities, hotel landscaping and sport clubs. The combination of light with water can create magical effects that will capture our imagination. But waterproof lighting can also be merely functional, in case of swimming pools.

What matters is how we use light to create appropriate environments, both for professional and recreational activities.

IN-Lite has a selection of high quality water and dustproof lighting products to give supportive lighting for the best performance, day or night, indoor or outdoor.



Selection of lighting products with dust and waterproof requirements by IN-Lite






The IP65 Tube series of IN-Lite is a range of ceiling mounted or recessed downlights for outdoor environments.

The elegant water resistant downlight is suitable for metal halide lamps or compact fluorescent lamps.
Housing cylinder with heat sink (in case of metal halide lamps) and ceiling adapter ring is made of extruded aluminum, standard powder coated in matt silver.

The Tube has a die-cast aluminum sealing ring with an integrated ultra violet bonded glass diffuser. Four recessed stainless steel screws, together with an inlaid seal ensure a close firm fit with the installation frame.

The Tube series can also be provided with a ceiling suspension set for pendant installation



Selection of underwater lighting products from Italy by Ing. Castalidi Illuminazione








D11 OblÚ-sub 
A classic of industrial lighting design. It is easy to enrich fountains and water pools with plays of water using the underwater version of the versatile oblÚ; with 100W-12V halogen lamp or high emission led sources, it is suitable for submerged operation up to 1 meter depth. IP68 rating.




D17 Tarzan
Innovative system for underwater lighting down to 10 meters depth. Available in swimming pool recessed or tiltable floodlight version.

To satisfy the needs of underwater lighting, safe and scenic, the Tarzan system has been designed with advanced technical and functional criteria. The system uses low tension halogen light sources, of minimal costs, high performance and low consumption. Alternatively LED light sources can be used. A complete range of accessories makes this system highly flexible and able to satisfy any application need. IP68 rating.



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