IN-Lite Newsletter for the month of JUNE 2008IN-Lite Newsletter for the month of JUNE 2008


Ever thought about using extra-large luminaires as eye catchers for your interior? The new generation 'Super-Size' luminaires from Dark, Vibia and Luceplan will definitely give your light plan a kind of Zing to it.

The XL luminaire creates an island of light within
a bigger space. The island might have a different function within the rest of the interior. For instance a break-out area within an open floor office space, or a room, or a waiting area in a clinic, or...anyway...why not use them because they are different, trendy and eye-catching! 

Get inspired by the designs of the XL Luminaires.





Samurai by "Vibia"


The Samurai is designed by Robby Cantarutti, it represents an ultimate reading light for project and residential use. The form and the size of the fixture has stretched the capabilities of the design team and the production. Incorporating two dimmable 30 watts energy saving lamps gives it a strong position in the current energy conscious interiors.


Constanza by "Luceplan"

Constanza is now twenty years old and becomes "Grande". Designed in 1986 by Paolo Rizatto, it has run through different styles and eras without changing, always appropriate, up-to-date and elegant. To celebrate its enduring success, Luceplan is now introducing new proportions to convey its greatness. The same materials and the same technology are used, unmistakable signs of avant-garde design. Grande Constanza is poised between visibility and delicacy, adorning its surroundings with its simple yet stark stature. Its light is always pleasant, intense and homey, suitable for private and public interiors alike.







XL Luminaires by "DARK


Oblivion - A designer with a strong preference for the fantastic worlds; this description suits designer Arne Quinze best. His Oblivion belongs  In a cosmos of trolls elves, unicorns and other hybrid creatures. This organic 3D design appeals enormously to every onlooker. The oblivion is an epoch-making design in the history of lighting design.






No Fruit - Designed by Anthony Duffelee. No Fruit is endermous translucent organic object, the soft light suits perfect as the atmosphere creator places. The light inside can be white, red, orange, purple, green.


D2v2 - Rotor - Designed by Dany Benlet. A huge lighting which refers to the engine of an airplane a massive ventilator, something out of space but most of all an eye catcher floating in the air.

D2V2 by "DARK"

D2v2 by "DARK"

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