Are you aware that the shortest day of the year is approaching? The 21st of December will see the least of daylight of all 365 days of 2006. It is also the official beginning of ‘winter’. In this season light is very important. Daylight time is decreasing and we need artificial light to compensate.

With Christmas and New Year celebrations coming up, December is one of those obvious months to spend some time in shops looking for gifts for dear friends and family. Festive lighting is used to make everything appear even more appealing and takes darkness away. This month our newsletter focuses on shop and showroom lighting.

Shop & Showroom lighting
Shops carry their own identity. Lighting is a powerful tool to support a shop in its identity, draw customers in and enhance the shopping experience. Each and every aspect of a shop should be carefully designed with its clientele in mind.

GTT showroom lighting example
Good and effective lighting for showrooms can only be designed based on knowledge of the brand profile and desired image. IN-Lite designed a lighting concept together with BTR CONCEPTS, for the showroom of German Tire Tuning on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The interior of the showroom has a high tech image with aluminum wall cladding and polished marble flooring. The exclusive GTT tire rims are on display along the walls of the showroom. The lighting concept places the products in the spotlight through the use of Big Frame narrow beamed halogen spot lights. The general lighting is provided by Ribag Spina Quick profile lighting. The orange color filters at the sides of the luminaires give a recognizable touch to this showroom and can be seen easily from outside. Orange is the brand color of GTT. A strip of halogen spots as a central line throughout the showroom makes the design complete.


Products used in this project :


Big Frame
Big Frame can combine different lightsources to get the desired
light level, beam angle and color temperature combination.

Fabio spot in a square frame,
very easy to install because of a pre-mountable black steel frame. The lightsource is installed a few centimeters above the ceiling
plane. This avoids uncomfortable glare to the eyes. The spot is IP44 (water resistant).


Spina quick with color filter orange
The Spina Quick fluorescent luminaire has orange color filters at the sides. This gives a recognizable touch to the GTT showroom. These luminaires are available with different color filters to match a shop concept.


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